Emelyanovich Burov

Russia • 1843−1895

A graduate of the St. Petersburg Academy of arts, has undergone an academic training with Pavel Chistyakov, the famous Russian artist-teacher. In 1863-2 silver medal; in 1865-the title of a free artist and 1 silver medal; in 1866-2 silver medal; 1867-1 silver medal; in 1873 the title of class artist of 2 degrees; in 1885-the title of class artist of 1 degree for the painting "Shlisselburgsky prisoner". He taught drawing in Tiflis, St. Petersburg, Saratov, Samara, revealing talented youth the path to great art.

A Muscovite by birth, Fedor Burov Y. the last ten years of his life he lived in Samara, where doing so is necessary for Russia, of all time educational activities in the field of culture and education. He created in Samara school of painting and drawing, which has successfully worked for five years and closed with the death of its founder.

He F. E. Burov was a strong painter. He studied at the Academy of arts from 1859 to 1869, where his success for years can be schematically represented as follows: in 1863 he received a small silver medal, in 1865 was awarded the title of a free artist and was awarded a large silver medal, in 1866 - a small silver medal, in 1867 - a silver medal. The artist was drawn to the book-historical stories, so many of his works were a kind of large illustrations for the publications of that time, covering the country's history. Received in 1873 the title of class artist of the second degree, F. E. Burov prepared for the 1885 painting "Shlisselburgsky prisoner" (based on the novel by G. P. Danilevskii "Mirovich", for which he was awarded the title of class artist of the first degree. By this time the artist is well known for exhibited at academic exhibitions of the work: "the scene in the prison" (1870) (based on the novel by A. K. Tolstoy "the Silver knight"), "Redcap" (1872), "Turks" (1873), "the Emperor Peter I visited the casemate of the fortress Prince Gagarin" (1880), etc. Turned painter and historical events contemporary to him was. The painting "Scene from the Bulgarian-Turkish war" the artist, unfortunately, did not finish.

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