Alexey Alexandrovich

Russia • geboren in 1889

Painter, political and social activist. A member of the State Academy of artistic Sciences, the first Chairman of the Moscow Union of Soviet artists, the first head of the Central Museum of crafts and Baker, Director of the Art Fund of the USSR. Studied at Nizhny Novgorod Studio at A. O. Karelin, in the Studio of V. A. Zverev, where he taught p. P. Chistyakov. In 1923. Voltaire directs reorganized in the handicraft industry, in his sketches of the masters of Palekh, Mstera, Kholui create works of the new Soviet subjects. On the First all-Russian agricultural and handicraft exhibition, A. A., Voltaire was awarded the diplomas of I-St degree. At the International exhibition of decorative arts in Paris, he and a number of artists of Palekh were honored the highest award - a gold medal. Paintings by A. Voltaire was exhibited at all-Union and anniversary exhibitions presented in state Russian Museum and other collections.

Biography catalogue of the hood. the exhibition "15 years of RKKA". Moscow 1933

Voltaire Alexei Alexandrovich (1889), studying in Nizhny Novgorod commercial College, started the evening courses in the Studio of the artist A. O. Karelin.

He then entered the Forestry Institute in St. Petersburg, where participation in the revolutionary movement were sent to 1911. in the link.

After the Amnesty in 1913 he entered the St. Petersburg school for the encouragement of arts, where he worked under the guidance of the hood. Bobrovsky and Roerich.

The years of war and revolution, again torn from art classes, and only since 1920, continuing organizational and artistic work in artistic handicraft industry, once again took up painting.

One of the founders and most active leaders of the AHR, Chairman of Motoblaze Soviet artists (mosskh).

Exhibit began in 1915, the Paintings are in the State. The Tretyakov gallery, the Russian Museum, the Museum of the revolution. a member of the CPSU(b).

(Picture: "the boxcar". Oil.)

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