Jan (Johannes) Theodore

Netherlands • 1858−1928
Jan Theodore Torop (naderl. Johannes Theodorus Toorop, December 20, 1858, Purvoregio, Java - March 3, 1928, The Hague) - Dutch artist and graphic artist. He studied painting at art schools in Delft, Amsterdam, Brussels, but he received his main artistic impressions while traveling in England and France. He was the first artist in the Netherlands who began writing in divisionism technique. Impressed by the workJames Ensor and personal acquaintance withOdilon Redon Torop is fond of symbolic subjects and ideas. At various times he was a member of the Group of Twenty, the Netherlands’s "Eighties", participated in exhibitions of the Vienna Secession.

Features of the artist Jan Theodore Torop: worked with all materials and art techniques: coal, pastel, oil, pencils, woodcut, watercolor. He performed many brilliant lithographic works as an illustrator - most of them in the art nouveau style. He was the author of advertising posters. But the most important works of Torop are symbolic graphics and paintings, scenes with allegorical and mythical heroes, symbolic figures of the life cycle.

Famous paintings by Jan Theodore Torop: "Three Brides", "Autumn", "Tramps", "Water World", "In the dunes near Domburg".
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