Maximovich Vorobiev

Russia • 1817−1888

12 Feb 1817

Saint Petersburg - September 9, 1888

estate Turmont novoaleksandrovskaya district, Kovno lips.

The son of M. N. Vorobiev Socrates Maksimovic Vorobyov it's safe to say that his giftedness Apple rolled far from the tree talent father. Although currently known S. M. Vorobiev is noticeably inferior to the glory of the father, in his modern life paintings and watercolors by the artist enjoyed a well-deserved recognition, and his teacher is comparable to the pedagogical merit of the father.

Under the guidance of a parent Sokrat Vorobyov successfully mastered at the Academy of fine arts (1833-1839) the subtleties of the skill of the painter, consistently getting over the learning required medals: large and small silver (1836), 2 gold (1837) and 1 gold for "Landscape painted from life in the country fall near revel" (1838), 1839 - the title of the artist XIV class. After graduating from the Academy — a pensioner's trip to Italy (1840-1849), where S. M. Vorobiev finally formed as an artist. His Italian landscapes have broad success, firmly established after executed by order of the Imperial family, a series of watercolors of Italy. Although the Italian motifs remain in the work of S. Vorobyov until the end of his life, no less success falls pictures of the landscape of St. Petersburg and its environs, the Russian Baltic.

In 1846, the artist becomes an academician, 1847 - again going abroad; from 1855 to 1872 taught at the Academy. Among his students — J. Klever, A. Meschersky, I. Shishkin and others. the tradition of Russian landscape school passed S. M. Vorobiev in good hands.

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