Ivanovich Kudrin

Russia • 1845−1913

An auditor student at the Academy of arts from 1862 to 1869 In 1869 the title of an art teacher. Since 1870 – student Mosaic office; in 1876, Jr., artist-mosaic artist; in 1877 – class artist of 3 degrees for mosaics; in 1878 – class artist of 2 degrees; in 1879 – the class artist of 1 degree. In 1882 the honorary free member. In 1885 the eldest artist-mosaic artist, and later (1901) the caretaker of the store look alike.


A native of the burghers of Large Salt Posad, Kostroma province. In 1862 he enrolled as a volunteer at the Academy of arts. Received medals: in 1865 two 2 silver; in 1867 - 2 silver; in 1868, 1 silver. In 1869 the title of an art teacher.

In 1870 he was awarded the title of class artist for the painting "the Merchant, drinking tea," and in the same year I was enrolled in the Mosaic Department. Fifteen years later he was appointed senior artist-mosaic. 1882 - honorary free member of I. A. H. Dismissed on a pension in 1901, but a year later was invited to work "voluntary recruitment" mosaic dataset "Archangel Gabriel" for the Royal doors of the main iconostasis of St. Isaac's Cathedral.

N. To. Roerich in 1893, prepared under the guidance of mosaic artist Ivan Kudrin to take the final exam at the Academy of arts.

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