Lvovich Lizak

Russia • 1905−1974

Painter, graphic artist. He studied at Petrograd. The VKhUTEMAS (1918-25). Lived and worked in Leningrad. From 1927 to participate in exhibitions. Member of the NY "Community of artists" (1925-28), "Circle of artists" (1926-30). In 1950-60. he worked at the Scientific-restoration workshops, and participated in the works of St. Isaac's Cathedral, the General staff building on Palace square, the Yusupov Palace and other objects. Author of landscapes, thematic compositions, portraits – "a Man walks" (1926), "Composition" (1927), "Walk" (1928) "Composition. Stones" (1930), etc.

Born: Slavuta, Volyn province. He studied at the real school in Slavuta (1911-14). In 1915 the family moved to Petrograd. Israel enters the art school of the society, graduated from the classes of ornament by hand. F. Buchholz. Entered the Academy of fine arts I. Lizak worked in the Studio of A. Rylova (a pupil of A. Kuindzhi). In 1922, after the closure of individual workshops Lizak enrolled in the first year Vhuteina. He studied painting at the O. Braz and Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin, drawing - in B. Savino and V. Meshkov. Graduated from LAHTI in 1925 (thesis "the Man on the curb").

In 1925-32 he was a member of the community of artists. Artist close graphic language with its bright expressive means. In 1930-35gg. working in the newspaper Smena. Member. Lossa since 1932. Participates in the exhibition Artists of the RSFSR XV years. In 1934 during the Industrialization he received the order of the Leningrad city Council to an industrial theme. The author works in the premises of the Baltic plant and Red Vyborzhets, portraits shock of labor. Leaves in the Pskov region, performing an order paints portraits of fishermen and landscapes. In 1950-60 years of the artist from the flattened and detailed scenery is drawn to the light-spatial solutions momentary state. From 1941 he worked in the Leningrad branch of Baltproekt GU railway construction. The impressions of the war years wrote of landscape painting Night war. In 1946-48 teaches drawing at the sculpture Department of the Leningrad artistic and pedagogical College. Paints landscapes of the Caucasus on the outlines and drafts (1946-51гг.).

In 1950-60 ies. works in the Scientific and restoration workshops. Involved in the works of St. Isaac's Cathedral, the General staff building on Palace square, the Yusupov Palace, the Monplaisir Palace, the Chinese Palace in Oranienbaum. In 1960-70 years the image of the city and its suburbs has become the main theme of his work. In 1967 he had a solo exhibition in the halls of Losha, which represented more than three hundred works. In 1996, was the artist's solo exhibition at the State Russian Museum and published a catalog of his works

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