Borisovich Lakhovsky

Russia • 1880−1937

The volunteer at the Academy of Arts from 1904 To 1912 - the title of the artist for the painting "the Last rays".

Teacher in the art school Betsalel in Jerusalem (1908-1909), Professor of watercolor painting of women's Higher courses in St. Petersburg (from 1912), founder of the Jewish society for the encouragement of the arts (1915), fellow child of the publishing house "Raduga" (1925), 1925 in exile in Paris, 1933 in new York, a teacher of the art school of the Museum of fine arts, Boston (1935).

I took mA boy at the Odessa art school, he continued his studies at the St. Petersburg Academy of arts from great masters of painting and pedagogues - in Ie Repin, PP Chistyakov, and AA Kiselev. Particularly attracted student A. Lohovskogo landscape. For his diploma film "the Last rays" is he in 1912 received the title of artist. By this time A. Lagowski attended, many traveling from different areas of Russia, Scandinavia, Palestine, where he tested himself as a teacher of one of the art schools.

Independent work has greatly expanded the possibilities of the artist. He refers to the portraits, writes genre paintings, is fond of drawing. A. B. Lagowski member of many associations of artists. A special honor was a the Association of traveling art exhibitions and the Society's behalf Arkhip Kuindzhi. His frequent participation in exhibitions brings him fame. Beyond the canvas "Shoe repair shop", he received the prize named after A. I. Kuindzhi (1915), and his watercolor "Rainy day" was purchased by the Italian government (1915).

In the years of Soviet power, the activity of the artist is not reduced. In 1921 was organized a personal exhibition of A. B. Lohovskogo. And yet the artist leaves the Soviet Russia in 1926 he settled in Paris. In the West, A. B. Lakhovsky was noticeable, often participates in international exhibitions. In 1927, successfully held his solo exhibition in the gallery Charpentier. Soon came the invitation from overseas to become a teacher at the Academy of arts of the city of Boston. The death of the artist is not allowed to transfer part of their skill, knowledge and experience of aspiring to comprehension of the fine arts to young Americans.

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