Petrovich Anderson

Russia • 1891−1938

B. 1891, the city of Riga, Latvian, b/n, Rasstreljan 3.02.1938. Place of burial: Butovo.

Belongs to an artist working in the style of social realism.

He studied at the courses of the society of painters town of Riga, in the school of artisans of Riga and in the Riga art school (1914 – 1915 B. Borchert)

1917 – 1918 – the school of the Arts posadasii.. Roerich in St. Petersburg.

1919 - 1921 – Vissa Artistic and technical workshop in Moscow to Konstantin Korovin.

1915. g. Mobilization 9. latyshskih regiment of Riflemen, in protecting Smolny and Kremla.

The head of the Studio arts in the Kremlin until 1922.

1925 – member of the Association Revolucionario Russia and a member of Soviet Artistic Union, Moscow Department (1932-37), is a actively in the cultural and educated society "Prometheus".

1937. G. taken.

Exhibitions since 1918 (work of the Latvian Riflemen in the Kremlin).

Personal exhibition in Moscow – 1921 un 1936. Memorial exhibition in Riga in 1986.

He painted portraits, historical Suzette, social realism landscapes and naturmorti. Worked in graphics, Knysna graphics, posters, set design and art environment.

Born in a working class family. First art education was received in the Riga city art school, but studies were interrupted due to the outbreak of the First world war. After serving from 1917 to 1922 the red guard and red army soldiers of the 7th Latvian rifle regiment, Anderson went back to school: in 1922 he entered the Higher art and technical studios (VKhUTEMAS), who studied under Konstantin Korovin in 1924.

In 1925 Anderson entered the Association of artists of revolutionary Russia. Became a Professor at the VKhUTEMAS. At exhibitions, the artist began to be exhibited since 1918, participated in the exhibition for the tenth anniversary of the red army.

As a representative of a small ethnic group in the USSR, Anderson was part of members of the Latvian art of the labor commune, which was listed and avant-garde. Visited the Latvian society "Prometheus".

In 1937 Anderson was one of the first arrested, among others, of the Communards by the standard charges of belonging to a counter-revolutionary fascist terrorist organization supposedly existed in "Prometheus". The defendant contained in the Taganka prison.

Shot in 1938. Buried at Butovo.

Anderson's work is written in the spirit of socialist realism: "Break the white front red Latvian parts", "portrait of a member of the PBC and performance. CA Union Osoaviakhim R. P. Eideman", "Commander of the N-ray case Latsis ya Ya ", "a Portrait of early Latvian division T. Stucki and the Commissioner of the division of T. Apina".

Paintings of the artist are in the Museum of revolution, Museum of the red army and other Russian museums and in private collections.

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