Franz Kline (eng. Franz Kline; may 23, 1910, Wilkes-Barre, USA – may 13, 1962, new York, USA) – American artist, whose art refers to the style abstract expressionism. Born and raised in a small mining town in Pennsylvania. Klein studied painting at Boston University, and then was trained at the school of fine art in London. Upon returning to the US, settled in new York and worked as a designer in a Department store, and stage designer. The artist taught at several American schools, but in the last years of his life he dedicated himself fully to painting.

Features the work of artist Franz Kline: started with figurative painting, mostly landscapes, sometimes doing portraits. One of the most significant for him was a series of muralov called "Hot jazz" written for one of new York's bars. Since the 1940-ies the work of Klein stanovtsy more and more abstract. Influenced by the trends that reigned at that time in new York, he eventually completely abandons figurativism. The "hallmark" of Klein steel black white abstract paintings, occasionally with the addition of other colors.

Famous paintings by Franz Kline: "Hot jazz", "Orange outline", "Cardinal", "New York".

Author: Eugene Sidelnikov

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