Ivanovich Belsky

Russia • 1753−1794

Student of the Academy of fine arts (1764-1773). His teachers were the famous A. P. Losenko and D. G. Levitsky. Teaching method in higher education has already become a tradition — focused on drawing and copying paintings by recognized masters. In fact, in both M. Bielski succeeded after graduation of the painting "Portrait of a teacher of history and geography Baudouin with two students of the Academy of arts of the first and the third age" (1773), for which he received a gold medal for a long time he is serving abroad. First as a pensioner of the Academy in England, where he continued to improve in painting at the Royal Academy of arts. Then about six years he likes under the guidance of French teachers.

son of Ivan Ivanovich Belsky, painter, born. in 1753, died may 29, 1794 In 1770 received a portrait painting class the silver medal of 2 advantage for success in painting from nature. In mid-1773 he, along with Skorodumov sent as a pensioner of the Academy of Arts abroad, primarily in London. To leave them was prepared for them from the Academy instruction in the French language, how should they behave and perform their assigned academic Charter office. Later it was sent to them more economic instruction in the Russian language. For the maintenance of their Amsterdam commissioners of the Academy, Louis of Gove and son, were supposed to be issued from the date of their arrival in their assigned seats each for 300 rubles a year and write about them letters of recommendation in foreign Academy. Ivan Ivanovich Shuvalov and other persons with a request "on nastavlenii of these pensioners in appropriate cases." In London took them under his wing messenger count Aleksei Semenovich Musin-Pushkin. For successful learning, the London Academy was open to all "transmitting to". "Under the special care and azertelecom two naslovnata thereof in the members," they could not only "to work with the best ancient models and the actual writing themselves, but also to listen to lectures about all the details of arts", and during academic vacations to travel around the province to explore the various meetings. According to Musin-Pushkin on their content, for purchase, tools, etc. needed to assign each 100-120 lb. "so that they pristinely to support themselves in such expensive land, what is England, and contact with local artists." The 3rd year is supposed to be sent Skorodumova and Bielsko through France to Italy. In 1780, Belsky lived in Paris and was considered one of the most talented disciples of Dreams.

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