United States • 1909−1979
Norman Lewis (eng. Norman Lewis; July 23, 1909, new York, USA – 27 Aug 1979, new York, schoolA) – American artist, the only black representative of the first generation the abstract expressionists. Lewis was born and a big part of his life in Harlem, black district of new York. He took an interest in painting in his youth, has assembled an impressive library on the history of art. Spent two years in travel working on cargo ships. Artistic career began in 1933, dedicating their works for the most part of social conflicts. Most art dealers and gallery owners passed Lewis his attention because of the color of his skin, so most of his life he had to earn a living teaching.

Features of the artist Norman Lewis: the subjects of his early paintings was an everyday Harlem scene. Lewis portrayed jazz musicians, Queuing for food, out of debtors and cruel scenes with the police. During this period he works in the style of social realism, later switching to a strict cubist work. In the late 40-ies of paintings of Lewis have become increasingly abstract, he refuses to make political statements, focusing all their attention to aesthetics. A distinctive feature of the Mature works of the artist becoming repetitive ideographic and hieroglyphic symbols.

Famous paintings by Norman Lewis: "Jazz band", "Migration of birds""Midnight sounds", "Partial vision."

Author: Eugene Sidelnikov
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