AD. For the 700th anniversary of the death of Dante Alighieri

Ausstellung 15 Oktober 2021 − 9 Januar 2022
The Quirinal Palace Stables Cultural Heritage Museum hosts a powerful and spectacular exhibition "AD. On the 700th anniversary of the death of Dante Alighieri.

The exhibition includes over two hundred works of art from eighty major European museums, state collections and private collections. Visitors will see masterpieces by Beato Angelico, Botticelli, Bosch, Bruegel, Goya, Manet, Delacroix, Rodin, Cézanne, von Stuck, Ball, Dix, Taslitzky, Richter and Kiefer.

The exhibition explores concepts of hell and damnation in the visual arts, from the Middle Ages to the present day. Accompanied by Dante's lines, visitors will traverse terrifying locations and tearing visions of hell as represented by artists of all eras: from schematic medieval scenes to sublime Renaissance and Baroque inventions, from harrowing romantic visions to ruthless twentieth-century psychoanalysis.

Prepared according to the materials of the website Cultural Heritage Museum Stables of the Quirinal Palace.