From Cezanne to Malevich. From Arcadia to abstraction

Ausstellung 29 Oktober 2021 − 13 Februar 2022
Budapest Museum of Fine Arts presents exhibition "From Cézanne to Malevich. From Arcadia to Abstraction."the first third of the twentieth century was the first time that the author of this book had been a member of the avant-garde movement in Russia.

The exhibition includes more than 120 paintings, sculptures, drawings, watercolors and prints from the museum's collections, as well as loans from the world's famous museums and private collections. The works presented side by side - in pairs and sequences - highlight the visual and intellectual connections between the works of Cézanne and Piet Mondrian, Paul Klee, Lionel Feininger, Chandor Bortnik, Vilmos Husar, Mikhail Larionov, Kazimir Malevich and Friedrich Wordemberge-Hildewart.

Paul Cézanne's art has attracted the attention of contemporary artists, writers, poets, philosophers and art historians since his first Paris exhibition in 1895 until the exhibition of monographs organized after his death at the Paris Autumn Salon in 1907.

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