Jacques-Louis David. Death of Marat

Ausstellung 1 April − 7 August 2022
The Royal Museum of Fine Arts of Belgium presents an exhibition "Jacques-Louis David. Death of Marat.".

Since 1893, the Royal Museums have owned Jacques Louis David's masterpiece, The Death of Marat (1793). To testify to the centrality of this painting in the era of modern art, the Royal Museums dedicates an exhibition to this famous canvas.

The exhibition consists of three sections, giving the public a new understanding of the work of Jacques Louis David. The first, the scientific section of the exhibition introduces the results of a "face-to-face" material-technical study conducted on The Death of Marat, which revealed for the first time the underlying masterpiece sketch. The second, historical section will present copies and versions of the atelier held in Reims, Dijon, Paris and Versailles, as well as a version owned by a French private collector. Finally, the third is complemented by contemporary interpretations by artists such as Thomas Hausago, Gavin Turk, Jean-Luc Moerman, or the work of Rachel Labasti, who shifts the focus from Marat to Charlotte Cordet, the missing protagonist in David's portrayal.

Prepared on the basis of Royal Museum of Fine Arts of Belgium.