Annibale Carracci. Frescoes of the chapel of Herrera

Ausstellung 8 Juli − 9 Oktober 2022
The Museo Nacional de Arte de Catalunya holds an exhibition "Annibale Carracci. Frescoes of the Chapel of Herrera".

In the early seventeenth century, the Bolognese artist Annibale Carracci made a commitment to the noble Spanish banker Juan Henriquez de Herrera to paint a fresco in the family chapel of San Giacomo del Espagnoli church in Rome. The frescoes were transferred to canvas in the 1830s and sent to Spain shortly thereafter. Seven fragments are preserved in the Museo del Prado, and the other nine in the Royal Catalan Academy of Fine Arts, Sant Jordi. All of these canvases are represented in the exhibition.

The exhibition is complemented by a selection of drawings attributed to Carracci or his studio, which came from the Accademia de Sant Jordi and from Europe, as well as an altarpiece from Santa Maria de Montserrato, another work by Carracci and his students.

Prepared according to the materials of the website National Museum of Art of Catalonia.

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