The future is now!

Ausstellung 27 April − 30 Juni
My recent work explores the non-human aesthetics and logic of artificial intelligence, for which our familiar ontology is only one of an infinite number of ways in which images can interact.

In my hands I have a neuro-photographic camera that captures fantasies directly, bypassing the constraints of physical reality. This is neo-reportage: I delicately explore the boundaries of the imaginary world without interfering in every moment of its life, and wait in awe for the right moment when beauty and chaos merge in mysterious perfection.

The dynamic interplay between abstract concepts and material sensual images is a reflection of the plasticity of time and space. Rushing towards the misty shores of an imagined future, the synthetic flow of hyper-realistic emotions and indifferent data, blurring the boundaries between permanent re-cognition of the self and humble acceptance of the total unity of eternal harmony, mesmerizes, tempts to search again and again for a point of even a moment of stable balance between mutually exclusive concepts in the usual human coordinate system.

Micro-macro-fashion-landscape-portrait-portrait-portage-abstraction is now a possible photographic genre. Tomorrow manifests itself now through the search for a visual meta-language that will describe the previously unimaginable interweaving of cultural layers.