Turkish baths

Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres • Malerei, 1862, 110×110 cm
Über das Kunstwerk
Kunstgattung: Malerei
Motiv und Objekte: Porträt, Akt, Genre-Szene
Kunststil: Klassizismus
Technik: Öl
Materialien: Leinwand
Erstellungsdatum: 1862
Größe: 110×110 cm
Mindestalter 18 Jahre
Region: Paris, France
Standort: Louvre, Paris
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Bildbeschreibung «Turkish baths»

"Turkish bath" Ingres summarize all the activities of the master in the Nude. In this painting Ingres quoted himself. In girl with a mandolin in the foreground is easy to learn "The Bather Of Valpincon" the figure sat with his hands on the right refers to the "Odalisque and slave" (blue embroidered pillow from under her head – a tribute to Ingres loved by him the comparison of the naked female body and rich patterned fabrics), and posture dancing girls in the background on the left resembles Angelica, saving face.
The creation of this painting was inspired by Ingres "Turkish letters" – the stories of Mary Montagu, writer, wife of great Britain in Constantinople. She describes including his visit to the most famous female baths. It is highly likely that the figure with blond long hair on the right side of the canvas, Ingres izobrazil. But the analogy of two women on the right, fused in a very sexual embrace, we in the Western painting is unlikely to find. Researcher Kenneth Clark believes that they date back to the sculpted temples in South India.

The background and the figures here have swapped roles. Color based paintings is the Golden glow of the naked bodies, and the green walls and floor, the red rug seem accents, only emphasizing this Foundation.

Originally the painting was painted on a square canvas. Your Ingres "Turkish bath" was sent as a gift to the son of the king of Napoleon III, however they were returned, the wife of the heir found the picture is too lewd. Then the artist cut off the canvas in the form of a circle, which mercilessly "dealt" with the sleeping figure on the right, leaving only the head and hands, and on the left added a black figure playing the tambourine. However, the less sensitive the picture on this was unlikely.

It seems that Ingres played for all the pent up throughout life, and rejecting any limits and restrictions, dived into the maelstrom of bodies, thighs, Breasts, red-hot heat of pampered women and hot vapors. Down hints! The fact that the imagination of the audience finish looking at the outdoor faucet in the bathroom and fallen Shoe "bathers of Valpincon" that he imagined, looking at the fan and feet "Large odalisque" where it would drift over the music, sounding in "Odalisque and slave", all that Ingres was placed in the "Turkish baths". The picture is so full of sweet languor and sensuality, the aromas of Oriental incense, the sounds of the mandolin and tambourine that produces an even stifling impression. It seems that there is an excess of sensuality, eroticism, heat and naked bodies...

The General public "Turkish baths" was shown for the first time only in 1905, in retrospect, Ingres. In the Louvre picture is from 1911. This picture is unique in the fact that in 1971 it was with her participation were established precedent "of the exhibition-dossier" when the focus becomes one single picture, around which are arranged the materials in any way associated with it.

Author: Alain Esaulova