van Goyen

Netherlands • 1596−1656

Jan van Goyen was born in the family of a shoemaker. The first painting lessons received in 10 years. Within two years, he changed four painting teachers. Goyen continued his education in Hoorn with the landscape master Willem Gerrits. After a trip to France, Goyen spent the year studying with Esaias van de Velde. In 1618, Goyen married Annetie Van Raelst in Leiden and opened his own workshop. In addition to painting and selling his own works, Goyen was involved in the evaluation of works of art and traded them, as well as real estate, land, and participated in the rush trade in tulips, but did not achieve outstanding material success. In 1632, Goyen and his family moved to The Hague, where he lived until the end of his life, continuing his unsuccessful attempts to succeed in the field of entrepreneurship. By 1656, its debts reached 18 thousand guilders. As you know, economic failures and debts did not affect the creative spirit of the artist.

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