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1. Are gallery apps really marketable?

Gallery apps are in great demand, but they are loyalty tools for your existing audience. The users will download the app, when they see an ad on your website, in your newsletter, or in the gallery. The app itself will not attract new customers, you need advertizing to do that. Arthive supports the apps by publishing articles and posting in social media.

2. What are the requirements for creating a mobile app?

The app is created in several steps:
- Create a gallery account in Arthive
- Upload information: artworks, gallery info, posts — all these are automatically populating the app sections and are updated in real time
- Finalize app functions and design: list of sections, color space, intro, icon, description for AppStore and Google.Play
- Development, build and release

3. Is an app a copy of the web site or social media page - are they interchangeable?

The price depends on selected functionality and starts at RUR 350,000

4. How much does an app development cost and what source data is needed?

The following is required for app release:
- Gallery account on Arthive
- Gallery information
- Logo or other graphics for designers to work with
- A proxy for app release at AppStore and Google.Play under gallery's name