Gaetano Previati (it. Gaetano Previati, August 31, 1852 - June 21, 1920) - Italian symbolist painter, divisionist theorist. He was one of the most successful Italian contemporary artists, participated in international exhibitions and represented the country at the Biennale for many years.

Features of the artist Gaetano Previati: Previat wrote three books on painting - and one of them was called "Scientific Principles of Divisionism." He accepted the theory of French artists.Georges seura andFields of Signac about the need to separate complex shades on the simple colors of the spectrum and apply paint on canvas separately. But in Previati's paintings, this technique received an unusual use: unlike French neo-impressionists, who put paints in small dots, Previat uses thin long lines. Thanks to this technique, the symbolic plots in his paintings get a special embodiment: the surface of the canvas becomes flickering, ghostly, vibrating. The shapes of objects and figures are ephemeral - and their beauty seems fragile and short-lived.

Famous paintings by Gaetano Previati: "Dance of Time", "Motherhood", "Paolo and Francesca", "Georgika".
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