Multimedia exhibition "Renoir: Painter of Happiness"

展览 19 二月 − 5 五月
From February 19 to May 5, the Sverdlovsk Film Studio in Yekaterinburg will host the multimedia exhibition "Renoir. Painter of Happiness" - a brand new project of the creative studio "R-Art" from Rostov-on-Don.
The content of the multimedia project is based on more than 100 digitized masterpieces of the famous French artist Pierre Auguste Renoir, the originals of which are kept in museums and private collections in France, the USA, Spain, Australia, the Netherlands, Great Britain and Russia.

The premiere project about Renoir, like all exhibitions of the creative studio R-Art, will consist of two main parts: a multimedia biographical film and an interactive zone. In the movie hall, the audience will be treated to a fascinating story about Renoir's life and creative path, immersed in the atmosphere of which will be helped by paintings that come to life before their eyes, heartfelt voices of professional actors and music by the great impressionists Ravel and Debussy.

In the interactive zone for visitors will be prepared photo zones with augmented reality and the effect of presence inside Renoir's paintings, touch panels and tables with interactive content about the life and work of the artist, an exhibition of reproductions and even "Window to the Past" - an archival video chronicle of Renoir's life.