Arthive has a collection of paintings by more than 74 000 artists, both novice painters and famous Old Masters. Information about their work is divided for your convenience:
- by art form – from painting and graphics to architecture and photography;
- by subject – from the landscape and portrait masters to the artists working in fantasy and nude;
- by technique – from oil paintings and watercolours to pastel or pencil works;
- by the art school, which the artists belonged to.

We tried to tell about all the possible styles and directions from abstract art and classicism to modernism and naive art.

Our web portal makes it easy to find information about your favourite artists using filters, ratings and personalized recommendations. You can get acquainted with the works by famous artists on the Popular tab, evaluate the paintings chosen by the experts of Arthive, see new arrivals in the galleries and view the lists by name or year. Also, all the artists are divided into groups. Using the alphabetical index, the settings for the career period or choosing a country, you can quickly find a large amount of information about the artists you are interested in.

On each artistpage, we tried to collect the most interesting facts of his/her biography, characteristics of one’s career and life, links to the significant paintings. You can track current and future exhibitions, get acquainted with the list of techniques, styles and subjects an artist used in one’s works. The gallery contains all the works available for public display, many of them have descriptions.

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