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Arthive Encyclopedia

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All shades of blue: the color as symbol in art

Any color is good if used by a master. Now we accept opulent colors in painting as typical, though the same technique has not always been applied. It was not long since beautiful blue has become appreciated in the iconography. Let’s examine all hues of blue from its symbolic point of view.

Bauhaus: when utopia becomes reality

«Don't look at them, they are from the Bauhaus!» respectable mothers told their young daughters. «They» were the students of the Bauhaus High School, playing strange music on weekends and swimming nude at night, the girls had short haircuts and were dressed in trousers, and the young men had long hair and looked shabby. The Bauhaus was the house of long-hair students of an art school, who included into their schedules artistic exercises and plein-air painting and at the same time decoration of bags with stitching embroidery of the Celtic patterns, producing pendant ornament of an iron piece, invention of the most whimsical design for some festival or contest in the night. They did their best to make the world better, to decorate it and improve.

Suprematism. Kazimir Malevich and his Love Supreme

Suprematism was one of the most influential trends in abstract art of the twentieth century. It rendered the structure of the universe in simple geometric forms, like a straight line, a rectangle, a circle, a square on a light background, signifying the infinity of space. The ideas of Suprematism, with its countdown marked by the famous Black Square, were embodied in the architecture, scenography, graphic arts and industrial design.


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