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Pre-Raphaelites: the Victorian Avant-Garde

Pre-Raphaelites were the first European avant-garde artists who protested against classical portraiture school with its wigs and powder, praising naturalness, romantics and Shakespearean beauty.

Fountain as a symbol in art. Farewell to the fountain of tears. Long live the well of joy!

Fountains are always attractive. Such hydraulic units were of special importance for ancient people, Asian and Mediterranean civilizations. Both the rich and the poor needed water and looked for it. Painters did not neglect the decorated source of water and it took its own place among the graphic codes. Let’s try to decypher this secret symbol of the past and its transformations. So, meet a fountain and its symbolism×Exquisite still-lifes and marvelous plants on canvases: flowers do not only beautify the appearance, but also open secret meanings, and convey messages to the attentive researcher. Leafing through captivating Herbarium, we're examining enigmatic garden of flower symbols.

read more Symbolism (фр. Symbolisme) is an art movement that has been reflected in painting, literature and music. It emerged in the 1870s-80s in France, later spread to Belgium, Norway and the Russian Empire. It reached the peak of popularity at the turn of the XІX-XX centuries. Symbolism is characterized by sadness, introspection and understatement: as if the author came to quiet despair, but was too shy to talk about these feelings, so he painted them.

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in painting.

Symbolism as an attempt to paint the soul

Symbolism (фр. Symbolisme) is an art movement that has been reflected in painting, literature and music. It emerged in the 1870s-80s in France, later spread to Belgium, Norway and the Russian Empire. It reached the peak of popularity at the turn of the XІX-XX centuries. Symbolism is characterized by sadness, introspection and understatement: as if the author came to quiet despair, but was too shy to talk about these feelings, so he painted them.


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