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Hyperrealistic Art: on the edge of reality

Hyperrealism is a movement in modern visual arts, which has gained its popularity since 1990−2000. It involves painting, sculpture and film making. The term Hyperrealism is often used as a synonym of Photorealism, though you could identify the difference with the naked eye

Symbols of Age in Art: what does an hourglass, a compass, pair of glasses and soap bubbles tell us about?

Symbolic images of human age, young and old, as well as beauty and withering of the human body was the favorite theme of artists in different times. It is worth of paying our special attention to this eternal topic in art, scrutinizing accompanying symbols.

Impressionism: 12 questions and answers

No doubt, you know about Impressionism a lot: you could mention the names of the famous artists and find with ease the exhibition at museums with gleaming water surface and the same image painted in different time of the day and of course you know the scandalous history of the First Impressionist Exhibition and could distinguish Monet and Manet. So, it is high time to switch to the next level: some additional details you would like to know about Impressionism.


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