Contemporary Artists

Arthive is a popular democratic platform, which hosts tens of thousands of artworks by contemporary artists. We provide equal opportunities for all, without exception. In our galleries you will find the works by both famous and emerging contemporary artists, whose work you can evaluate and thereby participate in the formation of artists’ popularity ratings.

A modern navigation system and filters will help you create your own selection of pictures. Artworks can be filtered by their art type – from paintings and architecture to posters and illustrations. You can search by any time period, indicate a subject, style and medium. Some contemporary artists work within the well-known schools of painting, and you can use the appropriate filter to find the paintings you are interested in.

The popularity of paintings in the artists’ galleries directly depends on the votes for the work. You can view the most popular paintings, as well as consider the recommendations of experts. Settings allow you to quickly view the latest paintings added to the galleries and the entire list of contemporary artists alphabetically or sort them by the year of creation.

If you are looking for a platform for communication with the viewers and potential buyers – there is no better resource. Arthive allows you to present your work in a virtual gallery and be on a par with such famous contemporary artists as Alexandr Shevelev, Oleg Zakharov, Artem Puchkov, Matvei Vaisberg. Your talent will certainly be noted by both visitors and experts.

With the help of Arthive, you can get acquainted with the paintings and buy your favourite paintings directly from the painters. Also, with mutual agreement, you can commission a picture on a desired topic. To do this, just sign up the website and leave your information for the artist in a private message. Arthive is not involved in the sale process of the copyrighted works: the communication between the seller and the buyer is carried out directly. All information about the artist, as a rule, is published by himself/herself on one’s personal page in the biography section. All members of our community are provided ample opportunity to create a virtual gallery of the favourite works by famous and aspiring contemporary artists.