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Here you can find art exhibitions in your city and make a wonderful leisure plan several months in advance. Are you going on vacation? Make a plan of visiting the best museums, and we will tell you what you can see in the place of your destination and where exactly you have to go to see it. Just select the chosen city and go ahead, enjoy art!

Arthive offers you a unique opportunity to keep abreast of all art exhibitions that are held in our country and abroad. In this section, you will find only the most relevant and interesting information about exhibitions of paintings and their creators – from seasoned painters to beginning artists.

Exhibitions of the beginning and famous artists

Bruegel, Chagall, Degas, Rothko, LichtensteinMurakami ... These and other names make the hearts of true art lovers beat faster. If you consider yourself to be one of them, then you know the feeling you get upon hearing that an art exhibition of the works of your favorite artist will be held right around the corner.

Are you all over the exhibition at The Kunstmuseum Basel or The Prado Museum, but can't attend it? For your special benefit, we will prepare a detailed report with colorful photos that will take you into the amazing and fascinating world of art at least for a moment and let you become one with it and set a goal – visit an exhibition next time.

Arthive offers you to use a convenient filter with the help of which you can choose an event to your taste. In order to do that, you need to tick the museum or art salon you are interested in, specify the date, and you will be offered detailed information about the upcoming or past events. Here you can take a virtual walk through personal exhibitions of paintings, learn how the exposition of contemporary art took place, get acquainted with the works of young talents from different countries including Russia. Announcements of upcoming events will help you make your choice and prepare for meeting art in advance.

Useful tips for beginners

Our recommendations are created for art lovers with little experience of visiting exhibitions. We hope that these simple tips will help you get the most pleasure out of contemplating paintings.

Make sure you go to an event the subject of which is different from what you are interested in. For example, if you prefer Renaissance art, visiting an exhibition of a minimalist artist or a representative of contemporary pop art will be a good experiment for you. This will help you get rid of clichés, broaden your mind and get aesthetic pleasure from new experiences.

If the exhibition has no age restrictions, take your child with you. You will be surprised at how original and accurate the children's interpretations of the masterpieces of visual art can be!

An exhibition in an art gallery is a mini-performance that you can stage-manage. Take your time: don't try to expeditiously look at all the exhibits, especially if there are many of them. A quickie tour of a museum will leave a vague aftertaste – the best option would be to choose several works that caught your attention. Spend enough time in front of them to see the smallest details, to evaluate the play of shades and the artist’s idea in general. Pay attention to the placement of the piece – often neighboring canvases are no less interesting.

Before going to the exhibition, look up the information about the artist on the Internet. If you are going to enjoy the works of a contemporary painter, do not miss the opportunity to hear their speech during the opening of the exhibition – so you will get a more complete picture of the author and be able to feel your involvement in the creative process.

Have only good impressions and tons of fun!

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