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Originally studied in Lyon under the leadership of Grandma, then in the Parisian Academy of arts. His first work was the painting "the father of the family, explain to their children the Bible."

Becoming in 1769, academician, he decided to devote himself to historical painting and to this end, went to Rome.

During the French revolution Dreams lived alone and did not interfere in politics. By the end of his life he had quite a significant condition, but lost it in risky enterprises. When the Convention decided to provide a distinguished writers and artists gratuitous apartments, Dreams got a room at the Louvre, where he died almost in poverty, forgotten by their contemporaries, all of which possessed at that time, David.

French painter, was born in Tournus, in Burgundy, 21 August 1725. Studied at Lyon’s artist of W. Grondona, and then at the Royal Academy of painting and sculpture in Paris; he soon attracted the attention of the public the painting "Father, explaining the Bible to his family". In 1755−1756 years of Dreams traveled to Italy and wrote the pictures on the Italian themes. Soon after his return to Paris he began writing genre scenes, which brought him his first success. After a failed attempt to become a member of the Academy of Dreams never exhibited his paintings, but that did not prevent him from being a popular artist to 1780-ies, when it was eclipsed by the classicism of David. Died of Dreams in Paris on may 4, 1805.

The popularity of the Dream was based on the tastes, common in the second half of the 18th century. He painted scenes from everyday life, genre that brought success Chardin and initiated a Vogue for collecting Dutch genre paintings. Moralizing and sentimentality Dream connected with the ideas of Rousseau, Diderot. Usually he portrayed a dramatic plot in compact frieze figures for almost a neutral background, carefully varying poses to Express feelings and reactions of the characters. The beauty of form subject didactic purpose. Among the most characteristic paintings Dream — FILIAL piety, or the Fruits of good education" (1763, S. Petersburg, Hermitage) and "Broken jug" (new York, Metropolitan Museum of art).

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Jean-Baptiste Dreams. Wool Winder
Wool Winder
Jean-Baptiste Dreams
1759, 74.6×61.3 cm
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Jean-Baptiste Dreams. Portrait Of Nicolas Anselm
Jean-Baptiste Dreams. Portrait of Madame Baptiste
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Jean-Baptiste Dreams. The broken jug
The broken jug
85×110 cm
Jean-Baptiste Dreams. Portrait of Randon de Boisset.
Portrait of Randon de Boisset.
58×73 cm
Jean-Baptiste Dreams. Portrait of a girl
Portrait of a girl
1770, 38×50 cm
Jean-Baptiste Dreams. Self-portrait
52×65 cm
Jean-Baptiste Dreams. The punishment of FILIAL
The punishment of FILIAL
163×130 cm
Jean-Baptiste Dreams. Rustic engagement party
Rustic engagement party
117×92 cm
Jean-Baptiste Dreams. Ungrateful son
Ungrateful son
Jean-Baptiste Dreams. Self-portrait
Jean-Baptiste Dreams. Girl with a doll
Girl with a doll
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