My diptych in the "Boomer art mag" (London), December 2021

1 artwork in selection • Collecting Natalia Garber

My artwork was included in the "Boomer art mag" issue, devoted to "Identity" theme, with Frida Kahlo on the cover page (London, December 2021). This issue presented artists from 30+ countries under an umbrella brand of modern art icon, who said: "I don't paint dreams or nightmares, I paint my own reality". Editor's note: "How do we build identity in art and most importantly, how do we make ourselves accepted? Being an artist was never easy and most of the times especially in the emerging period things are really hard and complicated. One of the most complicated aspects is being accepted exactly as we are and for the things we stand for, for example - our art and our true self. The whole idea of identity and acceptance might not sound like a big deal, but is the fundamental base for everything that humankind stands for, especially in art. The theme for the third edition of our magazine is "Identity" and leader on a cover is a true icon - a woman who has inspired millions around the world not just in art, but on all social levels: Frida Kahlo. More than 67 years have passed since her death but she still continues to empower generations fo artists to accept themselves and share their identities and their art with the world. The purpose of this publication is no inspire artists to accept themselves and their art without being forced into the stereotypical theatre that our society plays with". Boomer Gallery, December 2021

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