Book "Cultural Brand "Russia" for Innovators of the Digital Age

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Artist Natalia Garber's book
Moscow 2023, Pero Publishing House

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There are three stages of accepting scientific truth: the first is "it's absurd," the second is "there's something in it," and the third is "it's common knowledge.
Ernest Rutherford, one of the founders of nuclear physics, Nobel Prize winner

This book is the size of a box of colored pencils and presents my version of anima mundi Russia, the global soul of the country and its all-planetary diaspora. I want to recount Russia's depressing cultural brand, which is crowned in world painting rankings by the suicidal Rothko with his tricolor "Red, Orange, Yellow" and in writers' rankings by the egotistical Pasternak with his defeatist "Doctor Zhivago.

The book was conceived as a story of Russian "oddballs" - people who create a miracle, which is an antidote to the manic-depressive psychosis of Russian cyclicality. Artists, writers, inventors, entrepreneurs, and other innovators in various fields.

Creative people have always excited me, so I drew a series of portraits of "impossible people" back in my youth, in the 1980s. When I became a media educator in the 1990s, I taught my fellow countrymen the wonders of computer animation and presented my creative universe on the "Museums of Russia" portal. In the 2000s, I taught entrepreneurs creative thinking, which turned them into successful innovators. In the 2010s, I innovated in the field of small prose and poetry and talked about the geeks of the age of globalization in my textbook "How to Write in the 21st Century? In the 2020s, I returned to art through Chinese painting of meanings. And now I create transformational science art to help innovators, their organizations and territories turn their gifts into superpowers.

In preparing this book, I studied the cross-cutting traditions of miracle-making among Russian and foreign commoners, merchants, warriors, intellectuals and aristocrats, including the fabulous "fool" Emelya, who by God's will became "peerlessly smart", the autocrat Peter the Great and his Eurasian crisis, the creative rear admiral Ushakov, the genius Pushkin, the great Homer, the indomitable Frida Kahlo, the graceful Bakst, the paradoxical Vinaver... I was inspired by the porcelain partnership of the merchant Kuznetsov, in whose innovations of past centuries I found many cultural rhymes to my own digital creativity.

As a result, I built my cultural brand "Russia" on interdisciplinary art innovations and framed it in an artist's book, which I put at the core of transformative cultural diplomacy with the entire Planet. I raise my wonderful innovations from the world's traditions for the benefit of all living beings. And with my book I invite you to take the path of transformation, leading Russia and the Planet from the absurd to the common knowledge through the state of insight "there is something in this", of which Rutherford spoke.

And because creativity remains a mystery, at the end of this book I offer accompaniment in the development of cultural brands for you, your organizations, cities and all the territories of the Planet in my Workshop "White Swan". Together we will develop our creative "wackiness" into the global magic of Earth sustainability in the digital age.

Let's go!

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