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Famous Russian Artists

The history of Russian painting dates back several centuries. Russian painters have left their mark on world art: their works are exhibited in museums of different countries, and are also kept in private collections.

A selection of works by famous Russian artists, presented in this section of our portal, includes various paintings: portraits, landscapes, still lifes, paintings with genre, historical and religious scenes, sketches and illustrations.

Pictures by Russian artists: painterly stories about Russia

Paintings created by Russian artists are of particular interest to collectors and true art lovers. The world depicted in the paintings of Russian artists – nature, people, and animals – is different from the one we see on the canvases of European painters. Putting the surrounding reality on the canvas, the masters of Russian painting left for us, descendants, a documental and artistic testimony of manners and customs that prevailed in certain times. It is thanks to them that we can see what Moscow looked like in the 18th century, get acquainted with the way of life of the inhabitants of Russian provinces and feel the mood of the then society.

The great artists of Russia are Benois, Kandinsky, Vrubel, Kustodiev, Venetsianov, SavrasovKiprensky – the list includes hundreds of names. Speaking about Russian talents, it is worth mentioning Ivan Aivazovsky – the unsurpassed master of seascapes. His paintings, filled with the power of the sea, are among the most expensive works of art: painting View of Constantinople and the Bosphorus which was put up for auction at Sotheby’s in 2012, was bought for £ 3,230,000.

Famous paintings by Russian artists can compete with the works of Renaissance masters – such as, for example, Bryullov's painting The Last Day of Pompeii. The artist's contemporaries called him "the second Raphael," and the picture itself was highly valued by Walter Scott, who is said to have studied it for an hour, unable to force his eyes away.

The meditative landscapes by Isaac Levitan are full of slight sadness and admiration for the greatness of Russian nature. Wide open spaces, islands of wild nature, small villages and their inhabitants – all this looks so realistic that the viewer who spends some time looking at the reproduction of this picture by the Russian artist, can feel the effect of immersion in the world depicted by Levitan.

The opinion of Ilya Repin's contemporaries about his paintings was completely different. The artist's fans called him a brilliant portrait painter and master of everyday sketches. Critics believed that Repin profaned art and tried to shock the public intentionally, painting such scandalous canvases as Barge Haulers on the Volga.

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