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Impression. Sunrise

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1872, 48×63 cm • Oil, Canvas

Description of the artwork «Impression. Sunrise»

Catalogue of the first impressionist exhibition in 1874 was engaged in Renoir's brother Edmond. He took a lot of patience to deal with a gang of dissidents determined to challenge the official Salon, and organize that order is not subject – passionate and unbridled creativity.

Making a list of paintings by Claude Monet, Edmond Renoir complained: "you Have all the titles too monotonous. Here is how you name this painting? "The ships entering the port of Le Havre"? The artist came up with: "I'll call her "Impression".

Collectors and passionate fans of Claude Monet are now paying a lot of money for the directory where number 98 is the painting "Impression. Sunrise", which gave the name to the whole movement and phenomenon in the world of painting. No less a collector's value and has another artifact that appeared in Paris on 25 April 1874 – newspaper "Charivari", which the critic Louis Leroy called the daring young artists humiliating "Impressionists" and, unwittingly, invented the dictionary definition of the painting that is directly in front of him made a revolution in the visual arts.

"Impression, of course. I knew it. No wonder I'm so impressed! But what freedom, what ease of billing! Wallpaper paper under the sketch, and she will look more elaborate than this painting!" - Leroy taunted.

Feeling nedorabotannost, sketch, negligence and incompetence caused the impressionist paintings of his contemporaries, accustomed to classical art. Arguments that looks something like the morning mist, didn't work. "Why not write something even more indistinguishable? The struggle between two Negroes in a tunnel, for example?" - said the reviewer.  They say that the first exhibition of the Impressionists sincerely laughed, standing in front of paintings that are a hundred years later will be sold for tens of millions.

Author: Anna Sidelnikova
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About the artwork
Subject and objects: Landscape
Style of art and technique: Impressionism, Oil

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