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  • Portrait of Clara Serena
  • Italian morning
Hand embroidery
2 artworks • 0 likes
  • Lezgins Haji Murtuz from Dagestan
  • Birbal's house in Fatehpur Sikri
  • Goat
Collecting Irina Olikh
358 artworks • 2 likes
  • Portrait of the Archduchess Joanna of Austrian
  • The contract in Anjou
  • The death of Henry IV and the proclamation of the Regency
Peter Paul Rubens
Collecting Filipp Fursa
4 artworks • 0 likes
  • Portrait Of Maria Feodorovna Yakunchikovoy
  • The view from the apartment of Vincent on Rue LePic
  • Quartet. Illustration to the fable of Krylov
My collection, part 2
Collecting Tatyana Somova
1,648 artworks • 34 likes
  • We go to Argue light
  • Water nymph
  • Evening on the terrace (Serenade)
Collecting Irina Olikh
394 artworks • 5 likes
  • Portrait of Mary Curzon, Countess of Dorset
  • Portrait of Lady Anne Sequel, Lady Edward Seymour, pose Lady Edward Lewis
  • Portrait of Frances, Countess of Somerset
Portrait of the XVII century
Collecting Irina Olikh
14 artworks • 1 likes
  • Art critic
  • Floral still life
  • Three musicians
Collecting Vlad Maslov
704 artworks • 9 likes
  • One of the three Magi (Balthazar)
  • One of the three Magi (Gaspar)
Peter Paul Rubens
Collecting Olga Potekhina
2 artworks • 0 likes
  • In the red Madonna (Madonna Duran)
  • Virgin and child (Vierge de La dite Cumberland)
  • Elias Zayat
.José Clemente Orozco
Collecting Olga Potekhina
5 artworks • 0 likes
  • Seven sorrows of the virgin Mary
  • Self-portrait with his wife Isabella de Wolff in a tavern
  • Venus and Cupid
The Dresden gallery
Collecting Irina Olikh
29 artworks • 3 likes
  • The Family Of Jan Brueghel The Elder
Collecting Olga Potekhina
1 artwork • 0 likes
  • Mars and Venus linked by Cupid
  • Morning. Interior
  • Lighthouse at groix
The Metropolitan, New York
Collecting Irina Olikh
35 artworks • 0 likes
  • Green to purple
  • Tug
  • Hotel room
The Thyssen Bornemisza
Collecting Yana Sasina
9 artworks • 0 likes
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