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But can there be progress in art? This is not archeology, not physics. What is “progressive art,” as they sometimes say? In my opinion this is just an absurd expression. Does Van Gogh advance Kapkov or Bellini? Is Bouguereau more progressive than Chardin? For me, there is no progress in art, but there is an update or continuation of the classics, their understanding, and not empty repetition, if we are talking about this. Nobody teaches the old complicated writing technique. Theoretically, it is not set forth in the treatises of Leonardo or the treatises of Dürer. Yes, and could not be stated point by point. There is no algorithm, which means that you yourself must open it for yourself. Learn this language. Invent or reinvent the language. And then it becomes yours, only yours. Neither the technique of Dürer, nor the technique of Titian, but only yours, the suffering and conscious of you.

Akashi: "Survive in time, remain - in memory"
This text was originally published in Russian and automatically translated to English.