American Gothic

Grant Wood • Painting, 1930, 78×65.3 cm
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About the artwork
Art form: Painting
Subject and objects: Portrait, Genre scene
Style of art: Realism, Regionalism
Technique: Oil
Materials: Wood stove
Date of creation: 1930
Size: 78×65.3 cm
Artwork in selections: 71 selections
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Description of the artwork «American Gothic»

When this painting was first presented to the public, Grant wood literally woke up famous. "American Gothic" seemed not left indifferent any person in America. The most common reaction to this painting was outrage. Too grotesque, despite the extremely realistic, the characters looked. Wood was accused that he simply mocks the ordinary workers and people, presenting them unfriendly, backward (farmer is holding a pitchfork, although at that time already widely used more advanced tools) and frankly blunt (the heroine of the picture is even called "the missing link"). Those who knew nothing about the author, saying that this could write only one who has never been to Iowa.

The history of "American Gothic" is widely known. In 1930 Grant wood in Eldon drew attention to the wooden house in the style of carpenter Gothic and decided to tell the story about him and about people who could live in it. So a farmer and his daughter. It is this kinship insisted the artist's sister Nan wood, with whom he wrote the character in the picture and was very upset with unflattering epithets and comparisons. To make amends to sister wood in 1933 writes a new portrait in which she is depicted with trendy hairstyle and modern clothes.

Much more attention deserves a second, you could even say the main character of the paintings – a man with a pitchfork. It is known that its wood wrote from his dentist Byron Maccabi. But those who were familiar with the doctor, in one voice argued that he was a man very modest, intelligent and afraid of his own shadow. In the picture is. Remembering the complicated history of the childhood of the artist, there is no doubt – through the round glasses at us sternly watching the eyes of Mervil wood. Points, incidentally, also belong to him. It is an exact copy of a single object, the remaining Grant of Voodoo from the parent. And a red barn in the background – also the merit of the tyrannical farmer. This barn was painted on a kitchen cupboard, which Marvel did with his hands, and which has always symbolized for the artist the House.

Author: Eugene Sidelnikov