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Man on balcony, Boulevard Haussmann

Painting, 1880, 116×89 cm

Description of the artwork «Man on balcony, Boulevard Haussmann»

When in 2000 the picture "Man on balcony, Boulevard Haussmann" was sold at Christie's auction for $ 14 million, the news did not become the decoration of tabloids and has not received detailed material in major publications. A year later, the painting by Gustave Caillebotte "The bridge over the Seine in Argenteuil" broke the record – it was sold at Sotheby's auction for $ 18 million. But, of course, the main suppliers of sensationalism and record sales at these auctions are becoming Monet, Degas, Munch. Critics then casual notice that Caillebotte's paintings are just starting to be in demand on the art market.

But during the life of the artists, it was the opposite. This is just a young 19-year-old Edvard Munch arrived in Paris and got to the Seventh exhibition of the Impressionists. Here, the talk was of that about Renoir and Cabotte. Of the 17 paintings that Caillebotte this year presented at the exhibition "Man on the balcony" is the most impressive and discussed. Caillebotte's balcony stories so shocked the young Norwegians who are studying in these years in Paris that each of them already many years later would write his balcony variation. Munch – "Rue Lafayette" Hans Heyerdahl – "The girl on the balcony" Christian Krog – "Portrait Of Karl Nordström".

The picture was supposed to make a huge impression. Connecting the interior of the house and outer – city, the artist makes his continuation and explanation standing on the balcony of a person. Swapped the two parts in the title picture, we have nothing to lose: Boulevard Haussmann the same character, like standing back a man. The city, covering the horizon and redrawing the horizon. The city, which, after adjustment by Baron Haussmann stopped to huddle in the yards and streets, noise, views, light flows into the home through modern architectural invention, using patterned balconies.

At this time, Caillebotte made much of the fact that academic painting cannot be more that the individual qualities of modern man must be transmitted for each in different ways: through a stroke of paint, furniture, clothing, walls, mannerisms, gestures. And he manages to achieve this. We think we know what will be the expression of this man when he turns. And even features it become as obvious – almost familiar.

Modern art critics admire that Kirottu was the first who managed to overcome the mere description of the city as it was in Monet's or Pissarro. He managed to overcome and a simple description of a person, as it was Renoir. And famous Edouard Manet the story with balcony be rotated 180 degrees, revealing the man through the urban landscape, which is now reflected in his eyes.

Author: Anna Sidelnikova
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About the artwork

Alternative titles: Man On A Balcony, Boulevard Haussmann

Art form: Painting

Subject and objects: Genre scene

Style of art: Impressionism

Technique: Oil

Materials: Canvas

Date of creation: 1880

Size: 116×89 cm

Artwork in selections: 27 selections

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