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Children running from the storm

Painting, 1872, 167×102 cm

Description of the artwork «Children running from the storm»

"Children running from the storm" one of the most charming travelling art paintings of Konstantin Makovsky. In those years he traveled extensively in Russia, brought sketches and sometimes finished paintings from Saratov, Tver, Tambov provinces. But this film was finished in St. Petersburg. She has a very interesting story.

We see a barefoot girl in an apron she tied his mushrooms on his shoulders sits a little brother, hugging her sister tight chubby handles. A girl dressed in a simple sundress. She anxiously looks around to where go the clouds, wondering whether they will have time to get to the house before it could pour rain. The boy buried himself in her, in the clouds he's not looking. It is evident that he is scared too, and my sister it seems protection. Watching these kids, we represent a very real peasant children, and at the same time remember the fairy tale Alenushka and Ivanushka.

Children try to reach home before the storm – and it will be from minute to minute. Before us is the short moment before the storm. The sky is overcast, physically felt, there is now a heavy, stuffy air. Gusts of wind getting at the tall grass, rasstraivaet beaten out from under kerchiefs hair girls and I think encourage children. And at the bottom, at ground level, marsh grass will not alihotsy. But significantly unreliable the bridge sways under the feet of girls. It seems that anxious feeling waiting for the storms joined the spirits of nature and children. Beautifully written the sky, it reflects the diversity of the pre-storm condition: striping shades, looming clouds, bright glimpses of the sun.

This girl Makovsky met in the Tambov province. He went out into nature with an easel and gathered around him a gaggle of village children. Brisk-eyed girl asked, "what are you doing?". The artist said that she, and suggested her to draw. Agreed to arrange a session tomorrow. The next day around Makovsky gathered more kids – and the little girl was not. But it was her little brother, who told you that yesterday my sister went to pick mushrooms, and he followed her. When he returned, the weather changed dramatically, the smell of rain. Hurrying to get home before the rain, the girl put the baby on his shoulders. Moving through a rickety bridge in the swamp, she slipped and got stuck. My brother got to the ground and she was completely wet. By evening, she spiked a fever, and she lay now in bed, forces were recruited. This story formed the basis of the picture and gave her name.

For many years the artist remembered that that would be the big-eyed girl to show that the history of their work... it is Worth noting that Makovsky, even in the period of fascination with populism, cannot be called a singer of orphaned and needy. His men from the people, as a rule, very beautiful, the children will certainly plump, with a healthy blush on the cheeks. It seems that they are very easy to move in salons and a luxurious mansion. This also applies to cute kids in this picture and beautiful "Reapers" with kids, and elegant "Seledochnitsy"and "Girl in a headscarf"and these pranksters.

Author: Alain Esaulova
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About the artwork

Art form: Painting

Subject and objects: Landscape, Genre scene

Style of art: Romanticism

Technique: Oil

Materials: Canvas

Date of creation: 1872

Size: 167×102 cm

Artwork in selections: 40 selections