The morning sun

Lovis Corinth • Painting, 1910, 68.5×80.5 cm
About the artwork
Art form: Painting
Subject and objects: Portrait
Style of art: Impressionism
Technique: Oil
Materials: Canvas
Date of creation: 1910
Size: 68.5×80.5 cm
Artwork in selections: 30 selections

Description of the artwork «The morning sun»

"Morning sun" one of the innumerable paintings of Lovis Corinth, depicting his favorite model, precious Muse, the main woman of his life – his wife Charlotte Berend.

It wrote it at each stage of development of their relationship, in different guises, taking a kind of chronicle of their family life. Among other variables, from the moment of their meeting, Charlotte became the one constant in the history of Corinth, full of UPS and downs. And later the indomitable support during a serious illness, take away the sensitivity and mobility of half of the body of the artist.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Invariable was and how Corinth portrayed his faithful companion and friend. He often did not know mercy for his characters, zhivopisuya them too naturalistic, sometimes sticking out a distinctive and not always pleasant features. Didn't matter, was the old Testament Samson comrade Lovis writer Herbert Eulenberg even the Corinth in person.

Only Charlotte Berend exceptionally perfect in all his paintings. No matter, he wrote her in the start, full of romance the honeymoon period relations, or after eight years joint life with two children. Or after twenty in her Mature years – any scene involving the wife breathes unspeakable tenderness, devotion and warmth which only was able merciless to the rest of the world Corinth.

And Charlotte reciprocates his feelings. This whole range of feelings keeps her soft eyes from the painting "Morning sun". The artist managed to catch fleeting, and therefore valuable to the impressionist of the moment: just a moment between dream and reality.

Not having to tidy tangled during sleep nightgown barely open the eyes of Charlotte covering them from the blinding sun at the edge of the pillow to get a good look at first, what appears before her eyes each morning, and the most precious thing in her life – her husband.

Beauty and the beast

Hard to believe, but at the time of writing, painting their marriage was already approaching 10-year mark. For the first time an artist meets Charlotte in 1901, when she climbs the stairs sviatkivska art school for women in Berlin, the founder and teacher which, in fact, was Corinth.

At first full of himself and clumsy, the artist eschews the 21-year-old girl from a good Jewish family (her father owned a trading business) is more than twice his age. But very quickly, blooming beauty, natural charm, sharp wit and a sparkling zest for life Charlotte remove the spell with a Moody master and turn unsociable creature in her one and only Prince.

Six months later, after a meeting of Corinth writes to her the first portrait and in another month they go on holiday together on the coast of the Baltic sea. Here their relationship is moving to a new level: Lovis and Charlotte become a couple that is able to separate only death.

Gypsy daughter

During the remarkable voyage Corinth will write one of the most famous images of his lover and give him a name, which will be the basis for difficulties of translation into any language of the world – Paddel-Petermannchen.

And it appeared so. Charlotte shares with the artist the story of how she once received a proposal of marriage from a fan of Saxony. To get rid of the boyfriend, the Joker presents him the legend of their roots, according to which it actually comes from the famous Gypsy family of Peterman. But deep in my childhood a nomadic family traded it in for another, blond and blue-eyed child.

The Corinth is so like a story that since he calls Charlotte not only as a diminutive form of her "Gypsy" names – Petermannchen, which in Russian sounds something like "Petermann". This nickname will appear in other paintings of Corinth, dedicated to his wife.

The special bond that all life was preserved inseparable from that of the Baltic holiday of people in love, was the theme of the jubilee postage stamps issued in Germany in honor of the 150th birthday of the artist. Her left side is dedicated "Self-portrait with model" written in the year of the wedding Lovis and Charlotte (1903). And your right, a large part is devoted to the painting "Morning sun", which preserved the most tender and intimate moment of their life together.

Author: Natalia Azarenka