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The Cycle Of “Dee-Art“. 1993-2002
Di-Art (gr. dis—, double -, art — art) is a postmodern art movement, founded by Nicholas Seninim in 1994. The most important component of "Dee-Art" is not a certain style, and the positivity of the artists perception of the surrounding reality.
In 1993, the author was interested in the specifics of the emergence of visual images in adults with uncontrolled mentality that led to the idea of the creative groups specialized Agency. In 1994 Nikolai Sednin volunteer organized in a psychoneurological boarding school № 20 Moscow art Studio called "Healing art." In the course of employment it established the basic principles and practices of rehabilitation programmes for the psyche.
The result of creative activity was the discovery in 1999 of an art gallery that fully represents paintings and graphics from the number created in the Studio "Healing art." In 2000, due to the constant renewal of collections, the Studio has received wide publicity in the media and drew the attention of the Russian Association of art Critics. Since the author's method and style of the works was recognized as an individual and unconventional, there was a need definitions for art direction. Thus was born the term "Dee-Art".
In 2001 under the auspices of the Association of Art historians the album "Dee-Art — the art of the XXI century". The results of the program were presented in 2002 in the State Duma of the Russian Federation, where an exhibition of the artist and his students.
In 2004 in Moscow for the creation of the author of the art of Nikolai Sednin awarded the international prize "man of the Future".

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