A view of the sea at Scheveningen

Vincent van Gogh • Painting, 22.08.1882, 34.5×51 cm
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About the artwork
Art form: Painting
Subject and objects: Landscape, Marina
Style of art: Realism
Technique: Oil
Materials: Canvas
Date of creation: 22.08.1882
Size: 34.5×51 cm
Artwork in selections: 117 selections
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Description of the artwork «A view of the sea at Scheveningen»

The first months spent in the Hague along with Sin was Vincent a very happy time. This woman, despite the fact that she was a prostitute, pregnant from another person, allowed the artist to feel needed and, perhaps, even loved. She was just kind to him and cared for him in response to his goodness and care. In this period began the formation of van Gogh as an artist, he was not limited and not constrained, he could quietly write. Besides, there was this lovely woman who became his main Muse. In the summer of 1882, in which Vincent lived happily with Shin in the Hague, and the picture was painted "A view of the sea at Scheveningen".

Scheveningen was a small fishing village near the Hague. Here was frequently visited by artists in search of picturesque marine life. Vincent and the Sin that summer, too, often came here. In one of his letters van Gogh told Theo that they with sweetheart spend the night in the dunes, like Gypsies, and in the morning I drink coffee right on the beach. In the Hague, Vincent wrote a lot, sending my brother especially successful in their work. Some of the illustrations the artist did with the perspective, which make him familiar to the carpenter. His workshop was next door to the house-Studio of van Gogh, and it can be seen many drawings and watercolors of the Hague period.

Despite the fact that in Scheveningen Vincent has been in the summer, depicted the sea doesn't seem like the usual "summer" feeling. Hanging over the stormy waves of the leaden sky just emphasizes the coldness of the landscape. The boat to the shore, Bouncing on the waves, like she's going to be high in the sky, picked up by the storm. And the people gathered on the shore, seem to be covered by a strange anxiety, as if they were frozen in anticipation of some sort of imminent disaster that's about to come out of the raging water depths.

The painting "the sea at Scheveningen" is notable not only because it one of the few Marin in the artist's work. In 2002, the year it tightly together another it was stolen from Amsterdam's van Gogh Museum and was found in 2016 in Naples the police seized material evidence in the asylum mafia among them were two paintings by van Gogh.

Author: Eugene Sidelnikovand