Sergeevich Gunko

Belarus • Brest • born in 1984 • artist, art connoisseur
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The paintings in my performance are not only creativity, the stylistics of contemporary art, first of all, they are a part of my scientific work, my theories, hypotheses. Most of the paintings were published in an international scientific journal.

I started publishing in a scientific journal in 2018. I decided to visualize my theories, hypotheses, ideas in the form of pictures in 2020.

The essence of the paintings is that you can think about them. Visualization of the theory is not something complete, it is only the beginning of thought.

In no way do I attribute myself to any "Missions" that come to sinful earth once in a millennium. It's much easier. If each of us began to visualize our ideas in creativity, perhaps humanity would have solved a lot of today's problems long ago. Ideas can be different - correct, not correct, dead-end, effective - the main thing, in the overall totality, progress would go faster.
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