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Biography and information

I, Svetlana Gennadyevna Fatyanova, the icon painter, the restorer, a member of the Eurasian Union of artists, the winner of the International art competitions in Russia, Spain, Czechia.
Contact: eight nine hundred and twenty-eight ninety-three sixty-five ninety-two seven.
For 15 years I have been painting and restoring icons with the blessing of the Bishop. I studied for 10 years to do it. It turned out almost like in pre-revolutionary Russia.
As a child I fell in love with drawing at art school. Then at the institute. The end of drawing and painting course was the end of the world for me. Circumstances and events helped me to make a decision to devote my talent to God. And before that, I had dreams that I was rescuing icons. I was pulling them out of the bottom of the sea, out of puddles, dirt and dust. Suddenly I understood, as an atheist and great sinner, that life without God is meaningless and I need to serve Him. And I felt a calling to write icons, to restore desecrated atheists and godless. Of course, time and quite a long time with different situations have tested the strength of my desire. First of all, I wrote a letter to the elder Nikolai Guryanov on the island of Zalit. After that I easily entered the Icon School in Stavropol. Only three people graduated from my course, including me.
Everything I do now, I do for God, remembering His words: "Cursed is he who does the work of the Lord with negligence. I pray, cleansing my soul before iconography. I take Communion. In my opinion, my icons are soulful, warm, responsive.
I work in egg technique with grinded minerals on the board. These are timeless, non-burning materials, proven over the centuries.
I spend a lot of energy and time on this work, on exhibitions, I maintain my eyesight. I help temples restore old icons. This is my way. The work I love brings, which brings me happiness.