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Alexey Savrasov • Painting, 1873, 70×57 cm
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About the artwork
Art form: Painting
Subject and objects: Landscape
Style of art: Realism
Technique: Oil
Materials: Canvas
Date of creation: 1873
Size: 70×57 cm
Artwork in selections: 46 selections
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Description of the artwork «Road»

Painting By Alexei Savrasov "Byroad" fully implemented the request Pavel Tretyakovwho complained in a letter Apollinari Goravskythe excessive artificial prettiness of nature in the paintings of many of his contemporaries: "Give me a dirty puddle, in all her truth, poetry, and poetry can be in all, it's a matter of the artist". Savrasov was shown, like no one before him could not, the unembellished beauty of the Russian landscape. And Yes, poetry in his puddles is certainly there.

The painting "country Road" – this is not a front view. If you go through the poetry and lyricism, which are caused by the highest skill of the artist, the landscape would be, to put it mildly, not the most joyful. But Savrasov he sings, flows and sounds, and "go through" his lyricism will fail. The highest skill that the slightest attempt to embellish reality Savrasov is not allowed. Washed away by rains the road might make you think about one of two troubles of Russia. Spread dirt, puddles are on the plan. The country roads these are not a few in Russia. But when he writes Savrasov, we are not on a bad road I think, the heart contracts from unnamed, nagging sensations. By the way, about feelings. The landscape can be interpreted as "impressionism in Russian." Isn't about trying to stop the moment he does not captures the swirl of sensations?

Puddles Shine like precious, "abyss road" are transformed into aesthetic object and the sky of the sky Savrasov you can talk endlessly, no wonder it was called "king of heaven".

"Without air, landscape is not a landscape. How many landscape birch trees or spruce trees is not black, nor invent, but if the air is not write – so the landscape stuff"– said Savrasov. And here again, roll with the Impressionists, who declared the air a character of painting, not the background.

The artist used mostly warm muted tones. Because of this pattern like shimmering, exudes the inner, hidden light. Warm colors balanced by freshness from emerald rain-washed grass. Shows the moment after the rain and before the sun will come out. Savrasov generally expertly been able to show the moment before as the sun breaking through the clouds. Savrasov in his landscapes does not drag the outdoors in mountain heights, he reveals it – the normal, everyday almost – her beauty, inner essence and timelessness.

The artist gave this painting to his friend-the Wanderers Illarion Pryanishnikovand 20 years she was in a private collection. The audience first saw her only in 1893.

Author: Alain Esaulova