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Andre Derain (FR. André Derain; June 10, 1880, Chatou-sur-Seine — 8 September 1954, Harsh, both near Versailles) — French painter, scene-painter, sculptor, ceramist.

Studied with E. Career (1898−99) and at the Academy of Juliane (1904) in Paris. The formation of the artist has passed under the influence of his friend Maurice Vlaminck, and later — Henri Matisse, who had a huge impact. After a long military service (1900−1904) artist for two years (1905−1906) went to England, where he created his famous views of Hyde Park and the embankments of the river Thames. These landscapes, executed in the spirit of Fauvism, imbued with the desire to convey the intensity of the life of nature; their decorative effect is based on very intensive sounding large spots net contrasting colors (London harbour", 1906, Tate Gallery, London). Picture Derain immediately attracted the attention of the public at the Salon d’automne in 1905.

About 1908 style Derain changing under the influence of P. Cezanne and early cubism; his paintings has a rational clarity compositions, geometrical simplicity, and the weight of forms. Discreet and gloomy colour paintings of this period is based on the green, brown and gray shades. In the 1910s in the artist appear greyness and motionlessness images, themes dreary monotony provincial everyday life ("the Sabbath day", 1911−14, the Museum of fine arts. A. S. Pushkin, Moscow), and since the 1920s, he turns to the strict, classical pattern, often resorting to stylize the creativity of their predecessors. Despite this, keeping in his best works deeply personal style, Derain is considered one of the leading artists of the XX century.

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1906, 185×227.5 cm
1905, 82×101 cm
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