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Christina's World

Andrew Wyeth • Painting, 1948, 81.9×121.3 cm
About the artwork
This artwork was added since it is referred to in the materials below
Art form: Painting
Subject and objects: Landscape, Portrait
Style of art: Magical realism
Technique: Tempera
Materials: Wood
Date of creation: 1948
Size: 81.9×121.3 cm
Artwork in selections: 191 selections

Description of the artwork «Christina's World»

Andrew Wyeth did not name the author of one hit. He was an extremely prolific artist. He worked like a man possessed. He has made a significant contribution to the history of American painting, and to some extent he history of American painting is.

And his track record picture that stands alone, a few towering over everything else. As "Yesterday" in the works "The Beatles" or "Citizen Kane" in the filmography of Orson Welles.

Sky, girl, field. Summer wind playing with stray from the hairstyle strand – at first glance, "Christina's World" it may seem pastoral. But as I looked closer, of course, you will notice that the thinness of the heroine are painful, and its position is guessed is not the bucolic strain.

It is Christina Olsona neighbor of the artist's summer home in Maine. Christina suffered from the effects of polio and was partially paralyzed. Being either too modest, or too proud to ask someone to push the wheelchair, she moved around the area by yourself. Deceptively idyllic Christina's world, in fact, full of suffering and indomitable will. Andrew Wyeth is not for nothing that compares with the best American novelists of the twentieth century. He used Salinger realized that if there was rye, there must be the abyss.

When Wyatt worked on "Christina's World", his love affair with watercolours virtually disappeared. Andrew made a choice in favor of tempera colors, a leisurely, almost meditative techniques that helped to curb impulsive temperament, had to penetrate into the essence of things. The biographer of Wyatt Richard Meryman once said: "Deceptively smooth cover tempera was for him like the lid on the boiler, from which eager emotion."

Wyeth was in no hurry and buildings in the distance, he wrote within four months. And all this time struggled with the temptation to do without Cristina: virtuoso understatement, he wanted the drama was barely discernible a blissful landscape. "We had to do without the girls - he will say later - too much plot."

By the way, "the girl" by the time he turned 55, and as Christina in the Wyeth posed its wife Betsy.

For the first time the painting "Christina's World" was exhibited in new York's Macbeth Gallery in 1948. Audiences and critics greeted her cool. In the end, the painting was bought by the Director of the Museum of modern art, Alfred Barr. One of the most recognizable masterworks in the history of mankind cost him $ 1,800.

Decades passed before "Christina's World" in the English-language press began to commemorate in the neighborhood with the definition of "iconic", a kind of "quotes" from it appeared in the books of Stephen king and the films of Robert Zemeckis, and the canvas itself became a universal metaphor for a long and bumpy road home.

Author: Andrew Zimoglyadov