Biography and information

Josephine wall (Josephine Wall, born in May 1947, Farnham, Surrey, UK). Modern artist and fantasy sculptor working at the intersection of symbolism and surrealism.

Features of creativity: Influenced by the creativity of the Pre-Raphaelites and the surrealists, the artist formed her bright and recognizable style of painting. Plots Josephine Wall - it is always openwork and multicolored fairy-tale worlds, inspired by the myths, legends and fantasy of the artist herself. Fairies, nymphs, goddesses, children, wanderers, loving couples among the elegant interweaving of flowers; the graceful symbols of the elements and constellations are emphasized, the light and somewhat oversaturated beauty of the fairy tale ... At the same time, the artist often hides symbols and images behind an abundance of colors and details, forcing the viewer to look at each picture with enthusiasm for a long time.

Examples of pictures: "Winged Vision", "Small world", "Where the moon goes".

Already at the age of 4, the future creator of fairy-tale worlds was fascinated by drawing, and at 16 she sold the first painting. Received an art education in Bournemouth College, took ceramics, sculpture, painting and design. In the 1970s, almost completely abandoned all classes in favor of painting.
According to one of the versions, the young artist made the final choice of the genre at the moment when the unicorn was drawn to the picture that was not sold for a long time. He paints his air paintings with acrylic paints, while not using black and pure red. It does not create sketches, but makes the choice of colors and the creation of shades in the process of work. In his own words, he aims to demonstrate all the wealth, beauty, tenderness and fragility of the nature around us. He works in the studio of his family home in the south of the UK.

The author: Victoria Volkova