France • 1420−1480

Biography and information

French artist Jean Fouquet (CA. 1420-1481) is an outstanding miniaturist and portrait painter, head of the school of Tours, the first master of the French Renaissance.

Brief biography and works

The master worked in the Royal courts – Charles VII (until 1461) and of Louis XI. He scored the title of "Royal painter". The artist's works (paintings) and their names are amazingly detailed, truthfully and accurately describe historical events. They indicate the ability of the author to convey perfectly the space. Many of the works of Jean Fouquet are marked by subtle lyricism created by the peaceful and poetic landscapes.
Names of famous paintings of Jean Fouquet:
• miniature "Saint Martin";
• miniature "the trial of the Duke of Albanskom";
• "Madonna and child" and others.
The work of Fouquet imbued with a new attitude. Stay in Italy helped the artist to rethink the achievements of the Flemish and French schools and to lay the foundations for the development of the art of the Renaissance in France.
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