Kirillovich Makarov


Friend Repin at the Academy of fine arts; not left a noticeable trace in Russian art. The son of a physician of the Caucasian linear Cossack regiment, was born in Georgia (in Dusheti, Tiflis province). As a student in the Academy, where he enrolled in 1860, showed great promise: in 1865, awarded 2 silver medals in 1866, 1 and 2 silver medals, and in 1869 received the Second gold medal for the program "job and his friends," in 1871 - the First gold medal for the "Resurrection of Jairus's daughter" (but without the right to travel abroad as a pensioner). In 1872, the Makarov was accompanied by Grand Duke Nicholas in his journey to Turkey and Palestine; lived some time in Paris and Rome. Returning, he engaged in teaching of drawing and painting on ceramics at the drawing school of Society for encouragement of arts. Had the title of academician.

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