Karpovich Mikhailov

Estonia • 1814−1867

Fortress lords of Demyanov, received his freedom for 2000 rubles, and at the end of life are quite successful financially, after whose death the Academy of fine arts scholarship was established in his name. School pupil student of Venetsianov and Karl Brullov at the Academy of arts. "Dry copier", the words are not always fair in the estimates of V. V. Stasov, and a great copyist, used to work in Italy and Spain, was also the author of one of the best in the world of art works in the genre of the interior.

In 1839 G. Mikhailov finishes Academy with a small gold medal for the painting "Prometheus" and the title of the artist. Independent work quickly brings the success of the young painter in 1841 in one of the pictures he retrieves a small silver, and in 1842 — a gold medal for the policy work "Laocoon with children in the struggle with the snakes". Three years later, G. K. Mikhailov sent to a pensioner's trip abroad, where is up, and apparently with pleasure, Italian and Spanish masters, including Raphael, Murillo, Zurbaran. In 1855, the artist was awarded the title of academician in 1861 he is an adjunct Professor.

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