Sergeevich Lytkin


Biography and information

Graduated from the architectural Department of the Academy of arts. Assistant architect N. L. Benoit. Full member of the Society of Russian watercolorists (1880). His watercolors are among the other works of the famous artists included in the gift album to Emperor Alexander II on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the reign.

Student of the Academy of fine arts from 1860 To 1866 received 2 silver medal for the project "the national theatre for 2000 people" and then graduated from the course Sciences. In 1869 the title of class artist. In 1870 – the title of class artist of 3 degrees for the program: "a Shelter for young children of both sexes". In 1873 the title of class artist of 2 degrees for "project of the hotel for visitors to the capital."


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