Jan van der

Netherlands • 1637−1712

Between 1650 and lived and worked in Amsterdam, was chief captain of the city. Thanks to the technical inventions in the fire and in the field of urban lighting has gained a huge fortune, became known outside of Holland, visited Cologne, Brussels, düsseldorf at the court of the elector of the Palatinate, and in the South of France. Wrote usually undated cityscapes, landscapes and still lifes. Was engaged in etching. Hayden turned to the genre of still life. He wrote the so-called "scientists still life", which depicted books, geographical paintings, globes, scientific instruments.

Dutch painter and graphic artist. With 1650 Hayden lives in Amsterdam, where specializiruetsya on urban landscapes, more laborious than the G. Berkheide. He writes the types of Amsterdam, gracefully conveying the poetry of a brick wall, the fluidity of the atmosphere, the play of light, the shake of leaves and the purity of the reflection of the buildings in the channels ("Dam Square" Amsterdam, GOS. Museum; "Wester Church", London, the Wallace collection; "city Hall", 1688, Paris, Louvre). These clear, nuanced subtle lighting, show about the engineering knowledge of the artist; indeed, from 1668 he was interested in problems of street lighting and even prepared a special edition of the fire pump with sleeve with his own engravings (preparatory drawings - Amsterdam, GOS. Museum, a Cabinet of prints). From the fact, however, does not mean that Hayden's landscapes are always of high topographic accuracy; on the contrary, he loved to combine in one painting the architectural motifs he had seen during piranski journeys, from a purely Dutch motifs, presenting them perfect and poetic sunlight, in the spirit of Potter and Adriaen van de Velde (who, incidentally, often wrote of the human figure in many landscapes Hayden). Not counting hypothetical trip to London, which mentions Houbraken, about 1661 Hayden made a trip to the South, in particular, in Cologne ("Cologne", London, NAT. Gal. and the Wallace collection; "Street in Cologne", Saint-Petersburg, GOS. The Hermitage), Emmerich ("TS Aldegonda in St. Emmerich", Paris, Louvre) and Dusseldorf ("the Church of the Jesuits in düsseldorf", 1667, the Hague, Mauritshuis). Up to 1673 he also visited Brussels (the"Former Palace of the Dukes of Burgundy" (Paris, Louvre; Dresden Art Gal.; Kassel, Museum). In addition, Hayden has performed a number of strictly geometric and unusual still-lifes (Budapest, Museum of fine arts, 1664, the Hague, Mauritshuis; Vienna, meeting of the Academy of fine arts). Hayden had a great influence on the masters of the urban landscape of the XVIII century, such as Outer or Prince, who by his example created a "sentimental" image of the city, sleeping and soothing, but very different than the picture "silent life" of Vermeer.

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