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Kasteevich Kasteev

Kazakhstan • 1904−1975

(1904-1973), people's artist, laureate of the State prize of the Kazakh SSR im. CH. Born in the village Czyzyny Panfilov district, Taldy-Kurgan oblast (Almaty oblast). He studied at the art Studio of N. Khludov in Vernyi (Almaty). The name of Abylkhan Kasteev expensive every citizen of Kazakhstan. His name is given to the best art Museum in the country, schools and streets of Kazakhstan cities. Nature has given Kasteev talent and spiritual independence. The most powerful stimulus of his work was love of country, people and art that he was born and who was loyal to his entire life. The earliest childhood experiences of the future artist was tied to nature. He started working with eight years after his father's death, nnewsize a shepherd to a rich neighbor. Almost all the time swiping on the pasture, he carefully observed his surroundings, "talked with nature, became its first teacher." He began to paint on rocks, bark, and later paper, depicting all that he saw around him. The elderly, condemning "sinful sessions", said: "My pictures telling about the life, if not the same thing as the singing of the bard, venerated by all the people..." In 1929 Kasteyev arrived in Alma-ATA, and on someone's recommendation, went to the Studio N.G.Khludov. The lessons of nature and the creative classes have Khludov helped develop his gift, to develop their own style and their own vision of life. The art of Kasteev is a kind of fine "Terme", a picturesque narrative of the flow of life emanating from the heart of her partner and Creator. "Collective farm", "Milking of mares", "First train Turksib", landscapes, pastures – links in a chain, strung to the destiny of man. Abylkhan Kasteev productive and worked hard until the very departure from life. Created a series of works: "the Land and people of the Republic", "the five-year Construction", "the Riches of Kazakhstan." It was his contribution to the culture of Kazakhstan. In 1930 he created the painting "the school", and in 1945 - "the Young Abai". Creativity is inseparable from the Kasteev Kazakhstan, it is permeated with love for his native land.

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